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The Adventures of Kitty Wong: Heels of Suffering

By James Stuart

Chapter 1: Enter the Dragon

The scorching hot sunshine of early Friday morning hit Jason Bree and his wife, Sharon, hard as they awoke to the horrid realization that the nightmare was indeed reality. Suspended above a large, dirty wooden stage out in the open for all to see, the captives continued to hang by the chains fastened to their wrists, that had cut into their flesh most painfully, although now they had lost all feelings in their arms. Their feet dangled just above the stage but were restricted by the heavy chains secured to their ankles and the platform below. As if to ridicule the prisoners more so than to keep them quiet, bit gags-as often used on horses-had been tied to their faces, held in place by numerous straps and the thick collar around each of their necks.

Jason glanced at his partner who could not even look up at her own husband, breathing heavily as fresh tears escaped her eyes and her saliva continually dripped from the horrid gag she had been forced to suck on since yesterday. His helplessness, unable to free his own wife, almost drove Jason crazy yet he knew he had to keep strong if only for her and continue to hold onto the faint hope that they would be freed. His delicate wife, who would never harm anyone, had been beaten with a whip for many, truly agonizing hours, until her clothes had been reduced to tatters. Her muffled cries still rang in Jason's ears and had he not of been gagged he would have pleaded that their kidnapper had attacked him instead. Jason's own wounds mattered little to him, all the while the whip had struck his body repeatedly he had focused on his wife, promising to himself that he would make their abductor pay most severely.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jason could see the sneering bat-like women who had gathered around the stage, who had great resemblance to their ruler, Queen Crystal, who had captured him and his wife. He felt a surge of guilt that he found the female only creatures somewhat attractive, clothed as they were in brief dresses designed to show off their womanly figure inherited from their mother. He could not understand, if the rumours were true, how Crystal was able to become with child without the aid of a man yet the dragon queen had populated her lands with hundreds of daughters over countless years.

As one of the bat women walked onto the stage all of a sudden, Jason's heart skipped a beat, fearing that the creature would harm his wife and once again he would be powerless to prevent her from yet more pain. However, he was actually relieved that the bat woman had walked up to him instead but became very uncomfortable as she pressed her body hard against his. He could smell her perfume scent, a relaxing aroma that put him at ease and as much as he tried not to look directly at her, he could see the bat woman's smooth, glistening, dark brown skin, plenty of which was on display thanks to her revealing costume.

The bat woman tightly wrapped her arms around Jason's body, pushing her ample bosom even more into Jason's chest, so much so that he had great difficulty breathing. Sharon looked up just as the creature lifted herself off the stage, using Jason for support, and then dug her high heels into his bare feet. Jason cried into his gag, which did little to dampen his outburst, while the bat woman continued to cause him great suffering which in turn gave her reason to smile. But it was not just his feet that the bat woman was torturing, her weight in addition to Jason's, put great strain on his arms, the chains cutting fresh wounds in his wrists.

For how much longer he could last before collapsing Jason did not know, it felt that at any moment his arms would break yet without warning, the bat creature released her grip on him and stepped back onto the stage without a word said. Jason couldn't have been more thankful, as was Sharon, who felt like she had been tortured seeing her husband suffer at the claws of the bat woman, however, the awful situation had actually worsened now that they could see why the creature had stopped hurting Jason: the vile Queen Crystal had started to make her way onto the stage.

Crystal was a magnificent creature Jason and Sharon could not deny; she was blessed with a pair of huge wings that actually seemed too big for her body, and had spikes at the top. Like her daughters, Crystal had the type of ears that a bat would have, and two rows of super deadly fangs but whereas her offspring had short, thin tails, Crystal had an enormous, tentacle-like tail that actually hindered her movement. It was supposedly her only weakness, that her giant tail slowed her down so much and it gave her captives belief that they could be rescued if she could be defeated using her Achilles' heel.

Smiling at the bat creature that had tortured Jason only moments ago, Crystal cuddled her daughter, almost as if rewarding her for punishing the human. Sharon was disgusted at how the dragon queen had acted, but the most she could managed was a muffled groan through the horrible bit gag that was making her jaw ache.

"Valery, my dear," Crystal began as she pointed at Jason with a nasty grin that could only mean dire trouble. "Take him away for his final punishment."

In less than a minute, Valery and a few of her sisters had removed the chains from the stage but kept them attached to Jason as they started to drag him away, kicking him along the way. Sharon screamed and pulled at her own chains in vain, desperate to save her lover, unable to accept that she would never see him again alive. Yet the painful truth was that she could not save him and that hurt so much; bound and gagged before the mighty dragon woman and at her mercy.

Showing a much more gentle side, Crystal carefully lowered the saliva soaked bit gag from Sharon's mouth and rested it below the human's chin to prevent it from returning to its previous position. Although the gag continued to restrict her jaw, Sharon managed to speak as she begged "Please, let Jason live, I love him so much!"

The dragon queen's wicked expression frightened Sharon so much that she couldn't help screaming and in desperation rattling the chains that made her so helpless. But she soon quietened the moment Crystal removed the chains first from her wrists and then her ankles, breaking them off like they were made of thin plastic and not thick metal. Sharon fell to the stage, physically weak from lack of food and drink, and still hurting so much from the beating Crystal had given her yesterday, but some how she found the strength to stand up. She ran in the direction that her husband had been taken, not caring that the gag had slipped back into her mouth or that the dragon queen was following her.

When Sharon eventually found her lover being trampled by the bat women she started to attack them; punching and kicking them, anything to try to force them away from Jason. Yet she could not hurt any of them and in a matter of moments a bat lady had restrained her, holding her from behind with her arms locked across Sharon's chest. A chill shot down her spine as she realised that it was Valery who had caught her but she had no idea how she knew, just a horrible feeling told her.

Looking down at Jason sprawled on the ground in a lifeless way, his body marked with new cuts and bruises, Sharon cried into her gag, wishing that Valery would at least allow her to comfort her husband. By now Crystal had made her way over to Sharon but she took no notice of Jason, instead she once again pulled the bit gag out of the way so that the human was able to speak.

"Please!" Sharon pleaded, unable to loosen Valery's iron grip on her in the slightest. "I never meant for this to happen."

After some consideration, Crystal decided the fate of her newest prisoners as she announced "He may leave my lands alive but you my dear will live the rest of your life as my pet."

Sharon tried her best to ignore Crystal's horrid laughter as Valery allowed her to spend a few minutes with her husband, their very last time together. Distraught that she would never see her true love again, at least he would be allowed to live at the cost of giving her life to the mighty dragon queen.

Crystal grabbed at Sharon's long hair and pulled her towards her so that they ended up almost in an embrace. The dragon woman laughed cruelly before mocking "If only your husband knew what a naughty girl you've been!"
A new story in which two prisoners-Jason and Sharon-become victims of Queen Crystal, the mighty dragon queen. Although this story is part of my The Adventures of Kitty Wong series, the cat-girl has not yet shown up.

Please be advised that this is a horror story.

Thanks for your comments.
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