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Queen Anjounet looked out her bedroom window one spring morning and she lost herself in the moment watching the activities outside. The children had no care in the world as they chased one another and pulled silly faces. The parents, sat on the benches, attempted to keep themselves cool, the women fanning themselves while the men chatted amongst themselves.

Despite the beauty all around her, the queen had always felt deep within as if there was something not quite right. She could not put her finger on it, yet a part of her was not there, that should be.

As Anjounet began to make her way out of her room and down the stairs she passed a few of her many maids, busy with their daily chores. They curtsied to her without a second thought, briefly spreading their plain skirts.

When Anjounet passed through the throne room and out into the open, something hit her all of a sudden. A strange, yet welcoming feeling that had entered her body. She felt almost as if she was being guided now that she had started to walk forward.

After what seemed like a lifetime of walking, the queen found herself in a quaint town unknown to her. The houses were packed together and painted bright blue and the streets were full of people. But in the blink of an eye they were gone, all but a young lady.

"Dear queen of a distant land," the stranger started to talk, almost singing the words she spoke. "What you seek is covered in sand."

It made no sense but just as Anjounet opened her lips to reply, the lady had gone, almost as if she had been imagined. Anjounet started to take a few steps in the hope of finding the mysterious person but her movements were quickly halted by a huge house, towering over all the overs. For the life of her the queen could not work out how the house had just appeared out of nowhere.

Reaching out, Anjounet touched the front of the house but to her alarm it immediately began to crumble. And so did all the other houses, every single one, leaving behind nothing but sand.

Anjounet felt like crying; she fell to her knees and wept for several minutes. Then, she slowly stood up and immediately felt the intense heat of the sun on her back. For as far as she could see there was sand everywhere.

In the corner of her eye, the queen glimpsed something sticking out of the sand. Hurrying forward, she ran to the spot of interest. Sure enough, she found a ragged cloth sticking out of the sand.

As Anjounet pulled at the cloth she found it increasingly more difficult to do so, as if it were weighted down. Then, to her utter amazement she fell backwards and something landed on top of her.

For what seemed like hours, Anjounet looked into the eyes of the man, as she breathed heavily. Suddenly, they kissed and for every moment of their lips touching she thought she had gone to heaven.
* * *
Queen Anjounet and King James had been married for two years when they had their first child. Yet even with all their happiness they couldn't settle on a name for the child until one day they were visited by a stranger that the queen was sure she had seen before.
"Call your daughter Isako," the woman sang. "For she is a child of the sand."
I wrote this story for my girlfriend Anjounet and it is inspired by her love of the video game Journey.

Thank you for your comments.
The11thGhost Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
Ohhhhh my lovely sweet James, there aren't words for how happy I am. Thank you! Thank you! This truly means every bit of the world to me.

I love you! With my every breath... I love you.
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